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K3  Covert 2-wire surveillance microphone for Motorola "JEDI" series.  All black.  Crystal clear.  Top quality audio product.  SPECIAL: For a limited time, this unit includes acoustic tube option at no extra cost!!

K85  k85.jpg (132124 bytes) Our "Public Safety" kit.  This is a popular style 2-wire microphone set-up.  The push-to-talk button doubles as the microphone, with a nice steel clothing clip on the back.  Available for most popular radios, and some may need adaptors.

Shadow shadow.jpg (85300 bytes)Our Shadow series is available with either a black or clear tube.  It fits either directly into the radio or works great plugged into a shoulder microphone.  Reduces ambient noise levels.  For the Officer, no need to have your perp hear you "run" him as the dispatcher comes over the remote mic.

K-W90  kw90.jpg (51832 bytes) Premium wireless surveillance kit.  Simply place the flat transmitter under your shirt or uniform, and the speaker in your ear.  The speaker is hearing-aid quality.  The pendant push-to-talk button easily fits into your hand and down your sleeve for covert operation.  Crystal clear communications.





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