About Us


For 30 years, Klein Electronics, a Certified Service Disabled Veteran-Owned company based in San Diego, has been at the forefront of technology for those on the front lines with the highest-quality communication devices and accessories available.

From our very own Blackbox two-way radio brand to hundreds of two-way radio and push to talk over cellular accessories, we take pride in our expertise, manufacturing excellence, and customer service to ensure you and your team are equipped to accomplish their best.

We’ve built long-standing client relationships, some spanning more than two decades, by delivering high-quality goods, developing an intimate knowledge of our customers’ needs and wants, and having the lowest defect rate in the industry. Specifications are important to us, and your needs are unique.

As your partner, Klein Electronics maintains core values of innovation and integrity. Many of the men and women in our company have been with us for 15 years or more. As you scale your operations, our team is by your side, customizing cutting-edge solutions. Klein Electronics…”Now You’re Talkin!”

Contact us today to find the right professional communication gear to fuel you team. If you are interested in Custom Products or Designs, email us at