Testimonials For Push-to-Talk over Cellular Accessories

Testimonials - See What Our Customers Say About Us


Testimonials - See What Our Customers Say About Us

See What Our Customers Have To Say

"Working in retail means staying on the move, and Klein Electronics' POC audio accessories have become my secret weapon. The Curl earpiece is what we use here, and we love the comfort and ability to clean them for the next shift.  Crystal-clear audio. These accessories have truly elevated our customer response time and enabled us to use only one device for all comm. A must-have for any retail professional!"


Front-Line Personnel Mgr, Tim R.

"As a hotel concierge, first impressions are everything. Klein Electronics' POC audio accessories have enhanced my teams’ ability to provide top-notch service. The discreet design of the Triumph, and seamless connectivity allow us to assist guests with a simple touch. If you're in hospitality and intend to use POC applications, the Klein accessories are a game-changer for elevating guest experiences."


Hotel Concierge, Carlos M. 

"Security is all about staying alert, and Klein Electronics' POC audio accessories have become our go-to for headsets with our smart devices that use PTT applications. The clear communication and ease of use make these accessories essential for any security professional. Whether handling crowds or responding to incidents, the Triumph ensures I stay connected and responsive at all times."


Security Director, Jasmine K.

"On the road, communication is key. Klein Electronics' POC audio accessories have become a staple for me and others in our crew. The Valor RSM is really rugged and has a rubber outside that gives it grip.  It is also super loud for noisy truck cabs. A game-changer for anyone in the transportation industry!"


Truck Driver, Tony G. 

"Managing a busy warehouse requires constant coordination. Klein Electronics' POC audio accessories were tested in a pilot with competitive gear and we really love the Curl and Drift earpieces with PTT.  The larger button helps those with gloves, and the audio quality is loud and clear. Highly recommended!"


Warehouse Manager, Olivia B.

"Coordinating events demands seamless communication behind the scenes. Klein Electronics' PTT gear for our Samsung devices have become our go-to choice. The lightweight design seems more tough than it looks, as I have personally dropped mine a few times with no issue.”


Event Coordinator, Ryan H.

"On a bustling construction site, staying connected is crucial. If you're in construction, the Klein gear really is top notch.  We use the Valor and Bravo RSM’s for Sonim XP8 phones."


 Construction Site Supervisor, Maria L.